The Ministry of Health has assured the Ebola survivors in Mubende district of their continued support to Ebola survivors to re-integrate in the communities.

Hon Dr Aceng Jane Ruth Ocero Minister for Health explained that” the ministry of health will continue to monitor the Ebola survivors and support them to re-integrate in the community.”

Minister for Health Hon Dr Aceng Jane Ruth Ocero stressed this during the official declaration ceremony for Uganda is Ebola free held at mayors gardens in Mubende district.

Minister Dr Aceng Jane Ruth noted that “Today, January 11, 2023, marks 114 days since the start of the Ebola outbreak in Uganda, which was declared on the morning of 20th September 2022 at Madudu sub county. Having spent two incubation cycles of 21 days each, making a total of 42 days yesterday 10 January 2023, since the discharge of last confirmed case on 30 the November 2022, having registered NO new Ebola case, despite sustained intense surveillance both at the epicenter districts and nationally.”

“I now confirm that all transmission chains have been fully interrupted and take this opportunity to declare that the outbreak is over, and Uganda is now free of active Ebola transmission. “Minister Aceng stated

Hon Dr. Aceng further stressed that “I urge the population to remain vigilant and implement the standard operating procedures and report any person in the community present with Ebola-like symptoms (e.g., sudden onset of fever headache, weakness, join pains, vomiting, bloody diarrhoea or urine bleeding from body openings) to the nearest health facility or call the Ministry of Health Toll Free Numbers.

Mr. Muhereza Ntambi Micheal lcv chairman Mubende district has “congratulated the residents of Mubende district upon successfully overcoming the Ebola out break and also thanked them for adhering to the guidelines put in place by the ministry of health in fighting the out.”

Mrs Byabasaija rose Mary the resident district commissioner and chairperson Ebola task force noted that “the residents in Mubende district have done a commendable job by following all the guidelines put in place by the Ministry of health which has contributed greatly to the fight of the Ebola outbreak.”

Mrs Byabasaija has also appreciated the ministry of health for the timely interventions and the development partners who have been on the ground to fight Ebola

Wednesday, January 11, 2023