Resident District Commissioner Al - Haji Lule Umaru accompanied by the Lcv Chairperson Hon Muhereza Ntambi Micheal , Chief Administrative officer Mr. Peter N Ruhweeza have today launched the construction of staff houses at kasambya health center iii worth 300milliom Uganda shillings.

while handling over the site to the UPDF Engineering Brigade RDC has requested the contractor to provide quality work so that value for money is realized.

The lcv chairman Hon Muhereza Ntambi Micheal appealed to Engineering Brigade to carry out the construction work in the stipulated time for the contract.

In another development the district leadership headed by the RDC Al- Haji Lule Umaru accompanied by the CAO and LCV chairperson have today supervised, monitored and carried out site meetings for the on going construction works for the various government projects in Kasambya sub county.

projects monitored include Construction of the theatre at Kasambya health centre iii, construction works at Kabbo health centre III( out patient department ,Maternity ward
staff house,placenta pit, general ward , latrines) and construction of 8 classrooms at Rwegula primary school.

RDC thanked the contractors on site for the on going works but reminded them that time is not on their side thus the need to increase speed.

Lcv Chairman Hon Muhereza Ntambi Micheal reminded the sub county leadership.about the supervision and monitoring role so that any defects can be identified and rectified early enough.

CAO Mr. Peter N Ruhweeza informed the contractors that they should always follow the contract guidelines as a principal for the quality works.

Tuesday, May 21, 2024